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Sermons (4)

Active filter: Series: Broken (x)
Preacher: Sebastiaan Van Wessem (2), Kent Redfearn (1), John Harris (1).
Date: March (2), April (2)
People of the Resurrection
Kent Redfearn, pastor of Muldoon Community Assembly in Anchorage, Alaska, closes off the "Broken" series with a powerful message on living as the people of the resurrection.
Preached by Kent Redfearn on 11 April 2010 (Sermons in English).
Seeing is believing
Check out this Easter message from Sebastiaan van Wessem on the faith of "doubting" Thomas. He needed proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. When he did, he became one of the boldest preachers in history.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 4 April 2010 (Sermons in English).
Join John Harris on his quest to discover who Judas was and why he betrayed Jesus.
Preached by John Harris on 28 March 2010 (Sermons in English).
Join Sebastiaan as he kicks off the "Broken" series with a message on John 6. Right after the miracle of feeding the 5000, Jesus confronted the multitudes that they followed Him for the wrong reasons, for the free food and a great show. How devoted are we to following Christ?
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 21 March 2010 (Sermons in English).

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