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Book: Daniel (1), John (1), Ephesians (1).
Date: 1963 (4), 1964 (13), 1965 (10), 1966 (8), 1967 (3), 1968 (1)
Facing Opposition ("Hidden God" message series)
God's people have been persecuted and opposed down through the ages for following their God. Today we explore Daniel 3 and the story of three men who face opposition that followers of Jesus still face everyday across the world. What is our response to this? Where is God when this happens? How do we respond to those who oppose us?
Preached by John Harris on 19 February 1968 (English messages).
"Struggling with Freedom" "Get Out Of Here" sermon series
As God's people escaped from Egypt they went from slavery to freedom. Yet Israel struggled with freedom. Join us as we look at learning to trust God, getting rid of idols in our life and learning to live in freedom.
Preached by John Harris on 7 August 1967 (English messages).
Invited and Sent (“We Are The Church” sermon series)
In this message explains John Haris from Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8, that we are invited by Jesus to be his followers and that we are sent to be His witness.
Preached by John Harris on 19 June 1967 (English messages).
Ghost of Christmas Past
Many people are haunted by the ghost of Christmas past, by the things that have happened to them or the sins that they committed. God has forgiven us all our sins in Jesus Christ, but how do we forgive ourselves? In this sermon, John Harris explores how we can do that.
Preached by John Harris on 24 April 1967 (English messages).
Love Grows Up
Even as adults we sometimes behave childishly. Maybe we do have love for one another, but that love can often be selfish, simplistic or conditional on the other's meeting our needs. In this sermon from 1 Corinthians 13:11 John explains how mature love can grow in our lives.
Preached by John Harris on 19 December 1966 (English messages).
We are all God's Masterpiece. We were made uniquely and we all have something to add to this world and to God's Kingdom. In this sermon John explains from Ephesians 2:1-10 how God made us, formed us, changed us and prepared us for good deeds.
Preached by John Harris on 17 October 1966 (English messages).
Under Father's Roof
"Not under my roof!" Some of us may have heard our parents say that when we were still teenagers. It sounds negative and limiting. But what are the positives about living under God the Father's roof? And how can we help God the Father make his house a home for many? That's what John Harris is talking about in this sermon based on Psalm 84 and Nehemiah chapters 8 and 9.
Preached by John Harris on 12 September 1966 (English messages).
Heart for the World
God sent Jesus on mission with a message that God so loved the world that he sent his Son. In the last of our series, Heatbeat, we see that Jesus had a heart for the world that he passed on to his disciples and all who followed. As followers of Jesus, and as his church, we are sent on mission, with a message that points people to Jesus and is to be shared and lived out in word and deed.
Preached by John Harris on 22 August 1966 (English messages).
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
What comes to your mind when we use the term spiritual battle or spiritual warfare? In our last message in the Awakening Series on the Lord's Prayer we take a look at Jesus prayer for protection against temptation and against evil. Using the passage from Ephesians 6 John provides some practical teaching on how to guard against temptation and stand firm against evil.
Preached by John Harris on 6 June 1966 (English messages).
Unity & Prayer
Short teaching video from John & Kathy Harris on the importance of unity in prayer. Recorded during an Awakening Worship & Prayer Night at Thousand Hills Hilversum on January 24.
Preached by John Harris on 27 May 1966 (English messages).

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