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Date: 2010 (5), 2011 (2)
Remembering the Past, Preparing for the Future
This is Sebastiaan's message from the ChurchBuilders (formerly: All Leadership) gathering on September 15, 2011. Join him as he talks about the importance to remember the past in order to properly prepare for the future. A must-see for all leaders and volunteers of Thousand Hills and those who want to get involved.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 15 September 2011 (Other events).
A Solid Foundation
When you're building a strong church, you need a solid foundation, not just for the church itself, but also for the spiritual life of the builders. Join Sebastiaan as he explains how we can lay a solid foundation from Luke 6:47, 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and Malachi 3:7-12.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 13 January 2011 (Other events).
When the Infinite Became an Infant
Who is Jesus? Who is He, really? John 1 calls him "the Word." But why? During this Christmas Eve message, Sebastiaan suggests that this is His title because God sent Him to this world as His communication to us. He has revealed God to us. When we know Christ, we know Who God is. And God wants to offer us life, abundant and eternal life.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 24 December 2010 (Other events).
All Leadership Meeting November 2010
This is the talk of Sebastiaan and John during the All Leadership Meeting of November 25, 2010. They're zooming in on what it means to be a balanced follower of Christ and how we can make sure our ministries are in balance.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 25 November 2010 (Other events).
Finding & Keeping Labourers
Sebastiaan looks at how we can find labourers to bring in a harvest of lost and hurting people and how to keep them involved. This is a short version of the message Sebastiaan preached at the All Leadership Meeting at Thousand Hills on 9 September 2010.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 9 September 2010 (Other events).
All Leadership Meeting June 2010
Video registration of the All Leadership Meeting of Thousand Hills Hilversum of June 17, 2010. In part 1 Sebastiaan shares about raising up true followers of Christ and leaders for the local church through mentoring. Martijn Haaijer shares about what's happening in Worship & AV and Jochem Naafs about Mosaic. In part 2, Klaas van Mill talks about the new vision, mission and core values of the church and how the various ministries can develop their mission and vision statements in line with the overall vision.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 17 June 2010 (Other events).
All Leadership Meeting part 1
First part of the All Leadership Meeting of Thousand Hills Hilversum. Sebastiaan van Wessem (lead pastor of Thousand Hills) and Kent Redfearn (senior pastor of Muldoon Community Assembly in Anchorage, Alaska) share some inspiring words.
Preached by Sebastiaan Van Wessem on 8 April 2010 (Other events).

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